Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is simple.

We do not share customer data with anyone. We may aggregate data for marketing and analysis purposes so that no customer is identifiable. Third party services such as Google Analytics may be used on our site and may collect data on your visit to our site. However,If we ever find that a third party is collecting data about our customers in any manner that will endanger an individual’s privacy, we will take suitable action to block collection of such data.

We will make an exception to or Privacy Policy when required by law as communicated to us by a competent authority having jurisdiction of the data. We will attempt to limit exposure of such data to only that which is required by law to be handed over to said authorities.

If we change our Policy, we will explicitly ask you, and you will have the option to opt out.

We care about our customers and our reputation. Customer satisfaction is a core value. Trust is a core value. We do not and will not compromise on our core values.